Sunday 26 March 2023

Mr Bufton

Someone at the final annual reunion requested a photo of the framed collage that was put together when Mr Bufton retired in 1960. All the teachers in the lower photo are ones that were at the school during the early 1960s - when Dennis Duggan and the rest of the reunion team were pupils.

According to my calculations Mr Bufton would have started teaching at the school in 1919 - when it was located at the Great Meeting School building in East Bond Street!
A suitable entry has been placed in the Memorabilia section of the website

Tuesday 21 March 2023

Final Annual Reunion

It was very well attended. Age UK once again did us proud! To view some photos of the event on our Facebook page (courtesy of Mike Ratcliff & others) click/tap HERE . Note you don't need to be a FB member to view the photos.